Date(s) - 01/06/19
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Third Place Books Seward Park


Fetish Girl is a kinky true story of addiction, violence, motherhood, sex, and the creation of Evil Kitty, Bella LaVey’s larger-than-life dominatrix persona. It shows that a heavily tatted BDSM sex worker can come to terms with her painful truths and raise a healthy, loving child.

Bella LaVey spent five years as the highly sought-after dominatrix and erotic wrestler Evil Kitty. Through her own sexual awakening and quest for fulfillment she learned that there is nothing more powerful than bringing the darkness into the light and owning your story. After many bumpy years of journeying to sexual liberation in order to embrace a thriving, integrated life of sacred sex, intimacy, kink, dark, light and deep feminine devotion, Bella is now a holistic sexological coach and workshop facilitator. Bella lives in Austin, Texas and teaches out of her studio, Temple Shakti.