Whodusn’t like a great whodunnit? Readers will take on the murderer and try to solve these cases before time runs out. From the opera house to ancient ruins to 1935 Edinburgh, these murder mysteries will keep their readers guessing from beginning to end.

Murder at the Opera: An Atlas Catesby Mystery
By D. M. Quincy
Crooked Lane Books, $26.99, 283 pages

When a notorious courtesan is shot to death in Covent Garden, adventurer Atlas Catesby is ready to find the culprit. This time Atlas has a personal vendetta as the person who was killed was the mistress of his former brother-in-law. This is the third book in D.M. Quincy’s Atlas Catesby mystery set.

The Kill Club
By Wendy Heard
MIRA, $15.99, 368 pages

This diabolical murder mystery reveals a group who is willing to kill for another. Just as long as you kill for them. Jazz and Joaquin’s foster mother, Carol, is not a good mother. Not a good person. Jazz who is grown and out of the house must try to save her brother from Carol before it’s too late. One day, she receives a call offering a solution. If they kill Carol, Jazz must kill someone for them. This murder mystery is a twisted change to the norm.

VanOps: The Lost Power
By Avanti Centrae
Black Opal Books, $4.99, 341 pages

Full of action and suspense, VanOps: The Lost Power joins past with present when twins Maddy and Will set out to recover Alexander the Great’s Egyptian weapon. Allied with VanOps, an ultra-black covert agency, they set out to find out who killed two family members of theirs. As they go off the grid, they are hunting the sniper but must be extremely careful. This one’s a nailbiter for sure!

Murder Off the Page: A 42nd Street Library Mystery (The 42nd Street Library Mysteries)
By Con Lehane
Minotaur Books, $26.99, 336 pages

Sleuth Raymond Ambler sets off to another murder investigation in the third book of the series. Two murders in one, Ambler finds out one of the murdered women was leading a double life and may be connected to the other murder. The worst part? His good friend and confidant, Brian, is a prime suspect. Can you figure out whodunnit before Raymond does?

A Step So Grave (Dandy Gilver)
By Catriona McPherson
Quercus, $26.99, 336 pages

A Step So Grave is a classic murder mystery. Lady Lavinia is set to have a party for her fiftieth birthday and to meet the parents of her future son-in-law Donald. Donald’s mother, Dandy is an Edinburgh PI, and finds it strange that when they arrive, Lady Lavinia is absent. They soon find out in the spring that Lady Lavinia was indeed murdered in her own garden. As Dandy digs to investigate the too-close-to-home murder mystery, she finds out secrets galore at Applecross, Lady Lavinia’s estate.