1984: The Graphic Novel

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Considered one of the most important dystopian science fiction books of all time, and placed on many top 100 lists, 1984 maintains its relevance as we approach the post-COVID era. George Orwell’s final novel, 1984 follows the life and struggles of Winston Smith. The novel contributed memorable lingo to the English language, words that have become part of our everyday vocabulary: “Big Brother,” “thought police,” and “double speak.” Orwell offered a grim warning about the threat of totalitarianism and the dangers of state-sanctioned surveillance.

After first reading the novel in 1984, Fido Nesti was deeply impacted. The Brazilian-born illustrator, known for his works in The New Yorker magazine, has transformed this still relevant story into an outstanding graphic novel. Working primarily with grays and dark shades of rust, Nesti evokers Smith’s feelings of dread and paranoia. Nesti does a good job depicting Orwell’s dystopian society of ordinary-looking people and run-down places. The imagery that I had in mind while reading the novel was not far off from Nesti’s art. As a graphic novel, this is the perfect book for those politicians who like to reference 1984. There are more pictures and fewer words than the original novel, but it retains all the enduring themes that continue to resonate for many readers.

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Author George Orwell
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher Mariner Books
Publish Date 14-Sep-2021
ISBN 9780358359920
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Issue October 2021
Category Sequential Art