A Boob’s Life: How America’s Obsession Shaped Me―and You

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Follow woman’s fashion, check out the entertainment field, look at the ads… and you’ll find that the media uses female cleavage to catch the eye. In this timely droll memoir focusing on the author’s boobs from budding adolescence, to suckling motherhood, through self-admiring augmentations and finally surviving grievous breast cancer, Leslie Lehr depicts the irrational preoccupation that American culture emphasizes the bosom. The seductive glandular fertile figure draws the male eye, and while this regard may massage the female ego; unfortunately the lust aroused in the male obscures whatever other talent the female possesses. The writer cleverly stitches a memoir along with a historical recount of the female battle to be recognized as individuals with innate talents and not as subservient underlings or sex toys. The dichotomy between women wanting to appear busty-sexy while at the same time demanding to be treated as professional equals appears to be a constant dilemma. This talented lady writes about this conflict with affectionate banter while showing that it takes guts, tenacity, endurance, self-confidence, family support, and a wicked sense of humor to survive in a man’s world. Just open the first pages, and the reader will be drawn into this embracing tale.

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Author Leslie Lehr
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 312 pages
Publisher Pegasus Books
Publish Date 02-Mar-2021
ISBN 9781643136226
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Issue May 2021
Category Science & Nature