A Breach in the Heavens

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In the final installment of N.S. Dolkart’s Godserfs trilogy, A Breach in the Heavens, readers experience the satisfying culmination of a moving, character-driven story. However, readers new to the series can approach this novel on its own merits, as one of Dolkart’s great skills is in making each of his novels its own story within a larger arc.

The series’ primary characters return to confront a looming apocalypse. Dolkart uses the last wizard Phaedra as the driver of much of the action but still gives readers meaningful scenes to other characters: Hunter, Narky, Bandu, Criton, and Psander. Readers shift between points of view by chapter, with some chapters occurring chronologically at the same time. Dolkart’s prose is informative and his worldbuilding easy to digest, so this constant shift in perspective isn’t jarring or confusing. It seamlessly moves readers through the narrative, generating not just affection but suspense.

Dolkart excels in writing character interaction and growth, a trait that sometimes overshadows his skill in presenting thrilling action sequences. With a unique magic system, a dark take on otherworldly creatures such as elves, and an intricate yet sensible theology permeating the story, Dolkart has written an excellent conclusion to his series.

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Author NS Dolkart
Star Count 4/5
Format Mass
Page Count 432 pages
Publisher Angry Robot
Publish Date 2018-10-02
ISBN 9780857667403
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Issue Mar-19
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy

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  1. Claudette

    Its a terrific read! Unique among fantasy books in its character development

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