A Kingdom of Their Own: The Family Karzai and the Afghan Disaster

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Hamid Karzai would be the chosen one to lead Afghanistan, post 9/11, post Taliban overthrow. Karzai had previously extolled the rule of the Taliban but quickly grew wary of their fundamentalism and potential for tyranny. Karzai would collaborate with the CIA in battling the Taliban, and he would emerge as the predominant leader after the assassination of Ahmed Shah Massoud. The alliance with the US would last over a tumultuous decade, with initial success in the War on Terror. As the years went on, Karzai would be challenged by charges of corruption and drug running involving his brother Ahmed Wali. His reign would also be highlighted by factional challenges and assassination attempts. His military expertise would be questioned as the Taliban gained ground, and the Obama administration would take office and begin to shirk from outright support of Karzai. Hamid Karzai would need to navigate rough waters in his time as leader.

A Kingdom of Their Own explores the leadership of one of the US’s tentative allies in the Global War on Terror. The Karzais are viewed from many angles: as diplomatic envoys, military leaders, politicians. Some hold positive views, others lean negative. Karzai’s reign can be more described as a stalemate. The man himself is an enigma but fascinating nonetheless.

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Author Joshua Partlow
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 432 pages
Publisher Knopf
Publish Date 2016-09-20
ISBN 9780307962645
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Issue December 2016
Category History


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