A Taste of Gold and Iron

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Ever since the queen gave birth, Kadou has been tasked with the Shipbuilder’s Guild investigation, which comes into conflict with one of the ambassadors, who insists that his fellow countrywoman gets a fair trial. The body-father of his sister’s newborn keeps making accusations about Kadou’s intentions for the throne, which leaves Kadou shaking with anxiety. His paranoia over the ambassador’s actions turns a trivial incident into a humiliation that forces him to accept the consequences and a new bodyguard who doesn’t like him.

The mythology and creation of the world are beautiful, vivid, and rich, with an originality that sets high standards for all epic fantasies. Kadou is an amazing character and it’s a relief to see a protagonist who suffers from anxiety. His episodes of nerves are real and honestly portrayed as a natural part of his character, which is a lovely aspect of the character that Rowland has created. The relationships are complicated due to the inner workings of the royal court, which pits ambassador against prince with the queen in the middle.

Everything that epic fantasy should be, Alexandra Rowland takes A Taste of Gold and Iron and makes it shine with beautifully flawed characters, political complications, vivid mythology, and a simmering romance that will keep you turning the pages.

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Author Alexandra Rowland
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 480 pages
Publisher Tor Dot Com
Publish Date 01-Jun-2022
ISBN 9781250800381
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Issue June 2022
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy