A Witch in Time

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Helen Lambert’s marriage is over, and her career, once so fulfilling, doesn’t give her the same thrill it once did. Looking to make a change and find a new passion, she takes a chance on a blind date only to learn she’s known the man before, in past lives, and that they are linked through a curse she must learn how to break should she ever want real love.

Constance Sayers’ A Witch in Time is a rollicking ride through 1890s Paris, 1930s Hollywood, 1970s Taos, and modern-day Washington, DC. In each era, Sayers’ attention to detail, specifically to fashion, is exquisite, and the women she places in each time period are haunting in their power and their inescapable fate. Helen Lambert comes to learn she was once a Parisian girl named Juliet LeCompte who fell in love with the wrong man, a married painter named Auguste Marchant. When Juliet’s mother, a witch, learned of the affair, she cursed the girl to keep her from Marchant. Unfortunately, the curse was more complicated than Mrs. LeCompte expected, and something went wrong, dooming Juliet to return to life over and over as different women, always drawn to and then tragically separated from some version of Marchant.

Overseeing all of this, and the key to Helen’s understanding of her past, is Luke Varner, a handsome demon whose fate is bound to the curse and to Helen.A Witch in Time is a love story, a supernatural mystery, and a piece of beautiful historical fiction that deserves to be read and savored.

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Author Constance Sayers
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 448 pages
Publisher Redhook
Publish Date 2020-02-11
ISBN 9780316493598
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Issue March 2020
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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