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A truly well-developed and heart-stopping thriller, Aberration by Lisa Regan is simply magnificent. This book took me for a ride that was both strangely disturbing and totally addictive at the same time. Each page of this book weaves a deadly web that constricts tighter and tighter until the final explosive ending. I am very delighted by this book, and Miss Regan truly captures the mystery crime genre by the guts.

Aberration follows the story of FBI analyst Kassidy Bishop, who is assigned to the “For You” killer’s task force after a series of cunning and sadistic murders bearing the same signature arise in different parts of the country. What links them together is that they all bear the same signature: the words “for you” scribbled at each crime scene. The case chills both Kassidy–by bringing back memories of her former assault–and the reader as they continue delving into the depths of depravity and pure evil. The stakes then rise dramatically when the task force links the killer’s signature to none other than Kassidy herself. This sets Kassidy on a wild ride of searching her past, her pain, and her memories. The closer Kassidy comes to finding the actual killer, the closer she comes to a deadly confrontation that could cost her dearly. While I was thoroughly caught up in the story of the UNSUB, I was also caught up in the life and rebirth of Kassidy, as her character growth and development over the course of the book really intrigued me. Here was somebody who had lost everyone she had ever loved, and yet she kept doing the work that would bring justice to families like hers. She transformed herself from a victim to a survivor, from a lost girl to a strong woman. Her confidence and personality were amazing and believable; she was a character I could truly relate to.

This book is a wild ride from beginning to end. If you want a police procedural that will screw with your mind, this is for you. Aberration will make you think you know everything, only for it to disappear like a ghost in the night. This was truly a great suspense thriller, and I plan to reread this many times. The characters were well developed and believable in context. It was fast-paced, with some great twists and red herrings. The writing quality was very good, with very few errors in grammar, and the story kept me up at night because I didn’t want to put the book down. Aberration has all your favorite elements for an impressive story: a twisted serial killer with some creative ideas, a strong but damaged heroine, a compassionate and supportive man who may or may not be the hero or the killer, obsessive love, and enough possible twists to keep you on your toes. I look forward to reading more of this writer’s work.

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Author Lisa Regan
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 323 pages
Publisher Prodorutti Books
Publish Date 2016-Jun-30
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Issue July 2017
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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