Agent Lion

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Agent Lion follows a lion who is a detective as he works with Ms. Flamingo to find her lost kitten, Fluffy. Ms. Flamingo is sad that Fluffy is missing, so Agent Lion comes and starts looking around her apartment. They can’t find Fluffy. They go up to the roof next, but all they find there is a pigeon. After that, they head back down and stop at Ms. Hippo’s apartment and try to stay quiet for her sleeping babies. They still can’t find fluffy. Fluffy is also not in the mailroom! They will end up finding Fluffy, and it’s funny where they find him!

Agent Lion made me laugh several times because Lion is goofy! His favorite food is a jelly-filled doughnut, which is something I also like, but he thinks about his favorite food too much—it will give him cavities! I was happy when he found Fluffy because I like cats and I wouldn’t want one to actually be lost. While they are searching for Fluffy, I like looking at the pictures that are colorful and bright. I think any kid will like this book because it is easy to understand and fun to read.

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Author Jacky Davis and Davis Soman
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher HarperCollins Children's
Publish Date 2020-02-04
ISBN 9780062869173 Buy this Book
Issue March 2020
Category Children's


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