Akpa’s Journey

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Akpa stirs inside the soft interior of his shell; his mom protects him fiercely until he pokes his way into the world and slowly gains strength. His father showers him with wisdom. Together, they leap into the deep blue sea and begin the great voyage south. As they swim on and on for miles, Akpa’s legs become stronger and his feathers more dense. He watches as other young murres take to the skies, imagining what it must be like. When the day finally arrives to make his ascension, he reflects on the lessons he’s learned, and with all the courage he can muster, he lifts himself skyward.

In Akpa’s Journey, the author captures an Arctic seabird’s descent into life and the days that follow. The story is laced with kernels of truth and gorgeous prose, making this beautiful tale perfect for grandparents, parents, and educators to share with young children ages six to ten.

Youth will savor the detailed, realistic illustrations. They’ll aid them in joining Akpa on his amazing and enlightening journey. The inclusion of facts about murres as well as the region in which they live will pique their interest, as will their likeness to penguins, one of most kiddos’ favored animals.

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Author Mia Pelletier, Kagan McLeod
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Inhabit Media
Publish Date 04-Oct-2022
ISBN 9781772274295
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Issue October 2022
Category Children's