Bars for Days

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Dreams remain one of the most difficult things to relinquish in one’s life. The quest to succeed in achieving said dreams could last a lifetime. Mic Nickels has been willing to devote most of his life to breaking through the mainstream as a hip-hop artist. He considers himself part of the hip-hop generation, as he was born in the shadows of New York City. His early years were unsettled, as his father walked out on him and his mother. Mike was raised by his mother and loving relatives.

As Mike matured, the hypnotic beats and storytelling rhymes of rap music called out to him. He made fast friends with kids who shared his affinity for rap and formed various ensembles, recording their own music and sampling beats while spitting out poetry. Mike has seen a lot while climbing his way up in the unforgiving world of show business, including how to persevere.

Bars for Days hits all the right chords for a heartfelt memoir. Mic Nickels’ character is apparent in revealing the ups and downs in his life, his successes and shortcomings. The battle between responsibility and aspiration in Mike’s soul marks this book as a genuinely entertaining and readable book.

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Author Mic Nickels
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 498 pages
Publisher Mic Nickels
Publish Date 10-Dec-2021
ISBN 9798756328882 Buy this Book
Issue March 2022
Category Music & Movies