Bible Album: Art Book – New Heart English Bible Edition

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Depending on your religious beliefs, the manner in which one interprets good versus evil and how one finds the beauty in life will vary. For the average Christian, it should be safe to say that finding the beauty around them is much easier when viewed through the eyes of beauty’s creator. Some might say that there is beauty in words as well as images, and may or may not see it within the pages that contain God’s word – the Bible. Esdras Etrenne saw the pleasing imagery from passages in the Bible and took it a step further by using their God-given talents and desires to present those calm and peaceful messages in an eye-catching and appealing manner. Etrenne starts at the beginning of Genesis and works through the entirety of the books of the Bible, choosing verses that show God’s love, mercy, and power and includes simple, yet eye-catching, backgrounds which reinforce the passage. The passages of choosing show a triune God who sent his son to be born of a virgin and later to be crucified for our sake to fulfill the prophecies and allow us the only means of righteousness and justification we could have. Many of the major happenings/stories are included, while some aren’t – out of the roughly twelve hundred pages in the Bible that contain hundreds of words per page, Bible Album consists of roughly seventeen hundred pages/passages to meditate on several each day, and then some. Clearly, while not every important detail is included in this book, many of the necessary ones are, and those included can act as both a reminder and/or starting point for one’s daily devotional or meditation in His word to both strengthen the soul and improve knowledge in the scripture.

Reading through Bible Album is cathartic, pleasing to the heart and soul, and a reminder of the promise and salvation we currently have in God while we live in a world that constantly works to make us forget. The digital illustrations on each page work as both a reminder of the beauty around us within creation as well as a means of brightening the page and reinforcing the scripture included. While not always quantity in pages equals quality in information, however, in this case, it does. The information is taken directly from the word of God and is at the reader’s fingertips to soak in, whether for the first time or like an old friend that is familiar to a long-time Christian but continues to contain the power to affect the reader in similar ways.

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Author Esdras Etrenne
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 1785 pages
Publisher Self-published
Publish Date 26-Jan-2023
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Issue March 2023
Category Religion