Bindle Punk Bruja: A Novel

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By day she is a reporter for the Kansas City Star. By night she is the tough but charming owner of the River Rose, a speakeasy. Her mother is a Mexican immigrant, her father a white businessman, Rose lives in two worlds. But all she wants to do is run the hottest jazz club and juice joint in KC. She has to fight prejudices, corruption, and greed to get there, but she has a secret weapon. Rose Lane is a Bruja, an earth witch with her own brand of charm.

Bindle Punk Bruja is the debut novel by Desideria Mesa. This historic prohibition-era fiction is a flashback to the Roaring 20s. The lingo and attitudes fit the times like a short skirt on a flapper. Mesa attacks racism, sexism, and homophobia with solid characters and a protagonist that ain’t no Dumb Dora. Mesa is a master of descriptive prose, transporting the reader to a smoky bar without being too wordy or boring. The way she illustrates the smells and tastes of her mother’s kitchen is enough to make anyone hungry. Bindle Punk Bruja is the “bee’s knees” and the “cat’s meow.”

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Author Desideria Mesa
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher HarperCollins
Publish Date 13-Sep-2022
ISBN 9780063056084 Buy this Book
Issue September 2022
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy