Brave as a Mouse

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Mouse sees Fish swimming in his bowl and asks if Fish would like to play. Of course, Fish wants to play! And play they do, but then three big black cats come into the room. Mouse doesn’t think they want to play, but he has a wild idea. Mouse is very brave. He has to be very brave to trick those three cats into leaving Fish alone. And it almost goes very badly, but luck is on Mouse’s side. The cats eat a very big meal, so they need a nap. Mouse has another wild idea and gets his friends to help him make sure Fish will be able to play much more than he ever could in his little fishbowl.

Nicoló Carozzi wrote and illustrated this enchanting book. The story is cute and little ones will be fascinated by the adventures of Mouse and Fish, but the real stars of the book are the gorgeous illustrations done in soft colors with a great sense of fun. The illustrations are filled with details that will keep little eyes searching the pages as they listen to this charming book. This book will have youngsters saying, “Read it again, please!”

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Author Nicolo Carozzi
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Random House Studio
Publish Date 25-May-2021
ISBN 9780593181836 Buy this Book
Issue July 2021
Category Children's