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Toussaint is wise beyond his years, and this makes it difficult for him to get along with his mother. The insights he gains from reading widely influence his philosophical view of life, which isolates him from the crowd and the mundaneness of living like everyone else. His mother, on the other hand, is passionate about being “an ardent and volatile Baptist.” As expected, having opposing beliefs puts a strain on their mother-son relationship.

Toussaint doesn’t hesitate to share his thoughts on several topics, including religion, free will, racism, slavery, capitalism, conformist logic, boxing, and more. In Billy McCoy’s Conformityville, various ironies of life and societal flaws are examined by a rebellious child who has several clashes with his family and acquaintances because of his strange, philosophical outlook on life. However, he must look past the shortcomings of his elders and ancestors and learn to appreciate their contributions to the freedom he enjoys in the present.

If you are ready to re-examine everything you believe in, this book is for you. Even though I pride myself on being a passionate philosophy enthusiast, I found several new intelligent ideas that got me questioning some things I thought had been scrutinized during my previous unlearning and relearning phases. One great example is the idea that Christianity is Western culture in disguise, since several things that are practiced in the West are introduced to Indigenous cultures through Christianity, like how “Native Americans and Native Africans were expected to drop traditional dress and dress like Westerners.”

A book brimming with artistically composed and wise observations, Conformityville will appeal to individuals who wish to read some unapologetically honest words about society, especially in the aspects of African American culture and religion. It explains the different ways people are still chained “economically, religiously, and culturally” years after slavery was outlawed in the US. Though it is rife with lengthy scenes and utterances, the book maintains the reader’s attention with a skillful mixture of various engrossing elements, including complex and memorable characters, remarkable developments, captivating backstories, deep philosophical thoughts, poetic writing, and clever humor.

Thanks to Billy McCoy’s book, my mind has been expanded to attract more discoveries about the external, societal factors that contribute to my identity and interests; I have begun to question some of my goals and look deeper into why I dress and act the way I do, among other things—which I find notably liberating. Top three among the most profound fictions I’ve read this year, Conformityville will have you laughing hysterically at the same time as unearthing the hidden truths of life. Don’t miss out on this gem!

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Author Billy McCoy
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher Janus Media
Publish Date 22-Mar-2022
ISBN 9798437730904 Buy this Book
Issue October 2022
Category Philosophy