Deanna Templeton: The Swimming Pool

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Combining a backyard swimming pool and underwater nude figures, Deanna Templeton created a series of black-and-white photos she assembled in her large-format book The Swimming Pool, interspersed with a few colored photos. The photos range in size from small, barely discernible three-and-half by three inches to a few large full-page photos, some double-page, but they are mostly in three-quarter page sizes. The nudes are all individuals and nearly all females with a few male figures. The photos are unusual, uniting the human body with irregular reflections of the water, in some cases refraction through the water, and shadows on bottom of the pool. These shadows and series of bubbles created by the subjects’ exhaling add unusual dimensions to the photos. The images are pleasing yet as one leafs through the book, they become rather monotonously the same or too similar to hold continued interest. There is no text in the book until the very last page where author Templeton has a brief half-page dissertation on her philosophy of the project—this is a little confusing as the name Ed Templeton appears on top of the page. It is annoying that the book lacks page numbers.

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Author Ed Templeton • Deanna Templeton, Photographer
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 96 pages
Publisher UM YEAH ARTS
Publish Date 28-Jun-2016
ISBN 9781942884002 Buy this Book
Issue September 2016
Category Architecture & Photography


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