Discernment from Daniel

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One of the most confusing and questioned books in the Bible (and there are several) is the Old Testament Book of Daniel. The Book of Daniel is more prophetic in nature, rather than straightforward, which is hard for people to read and understand because they want their story to the point and their questions easily answered without the work of interpretation. A tough part about the Bible is understanding that it was written in a different culture, in a much different time period than we are currently in, and imagining real people as opposed to characters in a book.

In Discernment from Daniel, Calaway, a retired Navy chaplain and biblical scholar, begins by painting an effective picture of a teenage Daniel living in Old Testament times. The story helps the audience to switch their mind frame from the twenty-first century to the sixth century. Calaway references and expands on Daniel as a prophet, his faith and integrity, his test of faith after the Babylonian exile, as well as his lifetime of service to the Lord. Further commentary digs into who wrote the Book of Daniel, with three basic theories discussed, along with other objections, with references in both the canonical and noncanonical books. Another point of argument is when Daniel was written, with a working hypothesis given at the end.

Calaway continues with the struggles of the exilic lifestyle for Daniel and his friends, known more commonly as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. The history and culture of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, the Maccabees, Rome, and the Anti-Christ are dissected, with many historical details provided. Following this, there is a study of the major stories in the Book of Daniel as revealed through literature and dreams. Finally, Calaway dives into an explanation of the prophecy of the seventy weeks (if comparing this to a workout, get ready for a mental sweat!). The final section of the book compares Daniel and the Book of Revelation and the various beliefs that exist concerning the last days and Judgement Day.

There is a lot to mentally and spiritually take in from both Calaway’s commentary and references as well as what the Book of Daniel literally says. I appreciate the fact that Calaway has an abundance of scripture references to solidify that his work is inspired and not wholly from a flawed, human perspective. The fact that he has four sets of appendixes in the back, along with a bibliography and index points, proves that he is serious and wants easy reference for his audience. Calaway’s writing and explanations are straightforward and easily understandable from a Biblical and historical perspective. I recommend Discernment from Daniel as an inspirational Bible study that can also be used for historical reference and further proof that there is someone watching over you.

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Author Bernie Calaway
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 250 pages
Publisher Author Press
Publish Date 28-Jan-2021
ISBN 9781643144689
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Issue October 2021
Category Spirituality & Inspiration