Dragons Eat Noodles on Tuesdays

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Two little monsters cannot decide on the kind of story that they want to make-up, but the blue monster knows that his story must have a dragon, and the dragon must eat someone. The yellow monster does not think this is a good idea and wants to have a story with happy characters and happy endings. The yellow monster warns the blue monster of what trouble his story could be. While the monsters disagree about their story, a Dragon named Dennis is listening to their story ideas. Dennis the Dragon has his own ideas on how the story should go. Little do the monsters know that dragons have a specific menu for everyday of the week. On Tuesdays, dragons are scheduled to eat noodles. However, today, the day the blue and yellow monster are bickering over a story, is not Tuesday. Today is Wednesday, and what do Dragons eat on Wednesdays? Well, the blue and yellow monster are about to find out. Which monster will get the perfect ending to their story? How will the story turn out?

This book is very funny, and the illustrations are very colorful.

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Author Jon Stahl • Tadgh Bentley, Illustrator
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Scholastic Press
Publish Date 2019-03-26
ISBN 9781338125511
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Issue May 2019
Category Children's


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