Everywhere with You

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A long fence separates a dog and a girl, but their loneliness brings them together. Through a tiny opening, she reaches out to share he peanut butter crackers with him and read her favorite stories, pretending they’re adventuring together through underwater kingdoms and up into the depths of the magical sky. She never ceases to visit him, keeping his aloneness at bay. Then, one day, she fails to come. He catches a glimpse of her through the window of her house. She’s with her family, a place he desperately yearns to be, and blessedly, he soon finds himself delightedly surrounded by their love.

Everywhere with You is a masterpiece. It’s storyline is poignant and will undoubtedly touch the hearts of countless youth. The companionship that develops between the dog and the girl is raw in its sweetness and innocence, and the illustrations throughout are breathtakingly beautiful. The gorgeous color blends and high gloss sheen are accentuating. Additionally, the pictures are intricately and thoughtfully designed. For example, a precious mouse is included in a variety of spreads. He’s cleverly hidden, camouflaged into his surroundings, offering readers the challenge of discovering his whereabouts.

Children will savor this reading experience as well as this endearing story as a whole.

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Author Carlie Sorosiak
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Walker Books US
Publish Date 24-May-2022
ISBN 9781536214970
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Issue July 2022
Category Children's