FADS Marketing: Food, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex and the New Marketing World Order

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FADS Marketing or Food, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, and the New Marketing World Order is a tell-all marketing book about strategies that companies use to manipulate consumers.

Tony Harris covers each category—Food, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex—along with an interlude on “FADS in Vegas.”

In his food section, Harris discusses food marketing tactics, food commercials, and fad diets. One interesting tactic he bought up was coloring cheese. Since lower fat cheese is paler than higher fat cheese, some believe that farmers started to add color to lower fat cheese to make it as marketable as richer tasting high-fat cheese.

Food marketers also make specialty food seem “special.” Almond butter is thought to be more glamorous than peanut butter. Coconut-based alternative food is swanky as well, but it contributes to deforestation and depleted soil in the countries that import to the U.S. While corporations push us to choose these luxury items; they don’t tell us about the outcome of producing them.

According to Harris’ research, if alcohol were not legal today, it would be considered a schedule one drug in the same category with heroin. Nevertheless, it is marketed as a “good-time-enhancer.” Harris warns readers that companies manipulate consumers with tactics like: “everyone is doing it,” celebrity promotions, and associating alcohol with laughter. Harris also discusses the idea that people have become more knowledgable and that they are more aware of alcohol’s effects on the body; he acknowledges that this will affect the future of alcohol marketing.

Vegas is another entity; I suggest reading that section to understand how sex, alcohol, drugs, and food are marketed there— pretty much, “do as thou wilt,” it’s Vegas.

The pharmaceutical market is a multi-billion dollar industry. One of the most intriguing ideas that Harris discusses is how the industry markets anti-depressants. The industry targets emotions and showcases real-life events like divorce, suggesting that consumers shouldn’t have to “feel this way anymore.” Harris includes several ads from pharmaceutical companies that support his premise about anti-depressant marketing tactics.

Sex is everywhere! Dating apps, vaginal cleansing commercials, porn, and the future is virtual reality or VR sex. The VR section is a must read.

Harris leaves no stone unturned in his analysis of the marketing industry.

His book is a must-read for parents, knowledge-thirsty readers and maybe even the conspiracy theorist. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and the push for readers to think critically about the information they consume.

My only objection is the introduction; it was harsh. Harris says “the companies aren’t pursuing you. They’ve already got you.” He goes on to say “FADS says you’re fat, you’re no fun, you need to relax, and you might even die alone. We’re counting on the fact that you already believe all of that.”

After reading the book, I understand Harris’ voice in the introduction much better. He too is playing on readers’ emotions. If anyone finds the introduction off-putting, continue to read. I promise, knowledge and the power to control your media consumption awaits.

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Author Tony Harris
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 193 pages
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publish Date 2018-09-11
ISBN 9.78047E+12
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Issue April 2019
Category Business & Investing


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