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Rielle and Eliana live over 1000 years apart. One is the Blood Queen with the power to destroy the world, and one is the Sun Queen, with the power to save it. Their choices determine the fate of nations.

With a unique premise and a high-stakes plot, Furyborn has a lot to offer to fans of the fantasy genre. The novel is set in an expansive world with a rich mythology of heroes and angels who fought and formed the earth the protagonists inhabit. Author Claire Legrand puts her imagination on full display here with both the world-building and the magic system.

However, the actual plot of the novel faces some hurdles in getting the two points of view to merge. Reading Furyborn mostly feels like reading two separate books, with the added problem that readers already know what will happen in the point of view set in the past because the characters in the present point of view discuss those historical events; thus, there is very little suspense or surprise. The characters can also be difficult to relate to, as both Rielle and Eliana are primarily out for themselves.

Nonetheless, the action-packed storyline and the fantasy elements will keep many readers engaged.

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Author Claire Legrand
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 512 pages
Publisher Sourcebooks Fire
Publish Date 2018-May-22
ISBN 9781492656623
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Issue August 2018
Category Young Adult


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