Gabriel’s Storm

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A killer storm is bearing down on a small town in the Northeast. The violence unleashed by the wind and the rain serves as perfect cover when two men break in and kidnap a man. The man has no idea that he has been the target of an angry young man named Gabriel for quite some time. Gabriel is the youngest of two boys who are living with their divorced mother, Isabelle. Isabelle is a fiercely strong woman who has parted ways with her wayward husband, Raul. She has been raising Gabriel and her older son, Daniel, for a long time, and her husband’s intermittent visits only highlighting his selfishness. Daniel has been hampered by a speech impediment, while Gabriel has a deformity with his arm. They are both unique boys who seek their parent’s love, even if it’s not doled out equally among them.

The not-quite-idyllic life is turned on its ear when Daniel takes his own life. Gabriel is further alienated from his mother, and his father becomes almost non-existent. Fast-forward to Gabriel’s later teenage years, and he is running with a group of boys who share a knack for generating trouble. They go to parties, stir up trouble, smoke, drink, and raise hell. An anger smolders inside Gabriel, and his faith has lapsed. “Lost” would be an understatement. He proposes to his friends that before the summer has ended, they will kill a local pedophile. Gabriel is thrown for a loop when he makes the acquaintance of Priti, a lovely Indian girl shouldering past pain and sorrow. Gabriel is smitten and is quick to defend her when a classmate throws discriminatory barbs in her direction. Both Gabriel’s and Priti’s parents are not crazy about their courtship, but their mutual affection runs deep. As the summer passes, the tension can be cut with a knife. Gabriel’s plans to enact vengeance are fast developing. One of his friends has fallen ill, and a tempest of immense magnitude is set to bear down on his town. What will be the outcome? Will life change forever for everyone involved?

Gabriel’s Storm is a coming-of-age drama tightly packed and written with deep emotions and characters. The action unfolds solidly throughout the 400+ pages, making every bump, twist, and turn of the plot enjoyably followable. The characters are all unique in their individual ways, their baggage lying heavy but never boring. Each one fights through their pain in different ways, making them identifiable and sympathetic to the reader. An excellent book. Bravo!!

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Author Diego Hojraj
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 329 pages
Publisher Outskirts Press
Publish Date
ISBN 9781977212634 Buy this Book
Issue September 2019
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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