Gift of the Shaper

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Thornton is a blacksmith living in the shadow of his father, Olson. Thornton is set to embark on a journey with longtime friend Miera. They are travelling to the town of Lusk, where they are confronted by two menacing and armed strangers. They are aided by the Kienari, who are akin to guardians in their part of the world. The Kienari are known for their exceptional night vision and inhuman reflexes. While Thornton and Miera’s journey has been derailed, Olson disappears. Olson has been taken and held captive with others who are meant to be drained of all their life force and powers. The menacing figure of D’Kane looms as the chief perpetrator of a long time war seeking the blood of the shaper. The blood of the shaper is a key to a type of immortality and strength that is key to the anvil. The unfortunate souls who are drained of their powers are left to an agonizing death. A few times, the wrong person may be grabbed, resulting in a waste of time and a dead body to be rid of for D’Kane and his minions. Thornton is soon dealt the double blow of his father’s disappearance and Miera’s as well. Thornton is determined to find both, come hell or high water. His traveling companions are the ablest of aides as their skills come in handy, but controlling Thornton’s wrath is difficult. Olson soon makes a break from his prison and sets off to find Thornton and keep him from the parasites of D’Kane. Miera has been captured by D’Kane for her own powers, despite her lack of knowledge about them. The landscape around our protagonists and antagonists is teeming with a conflict that could change the world. For whoever possesses the shaping power could conceivably rule all. Will our heroes be able to triumph or will D’Kane and the Underworld strike a blow for evil once and for all?

Gift of the Shaper is a rollicking good read that is for the fantasy fiction lover in all of us. The book is packed full of adventure, action, suspense, and horror. The characters are many, but the story moves in a steady pace. The writing is akin to the classics of fantasy fiction from Tolkien and modern-day George RR Martin. The stage is set for future stories to be told from the land of the Shapers and others. The reader can look forward to it with optimistic anticipation.

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Author D.L. Jennings
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 456 pages
Publisher Indigo River
Publish Date 2018-Feb-07
ISBN 0978194808007 Buy this Book
Issue September 2018
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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