Good Eating: The Short Life of Krill

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Dive into the ocean and travel with krill from the time they begin their lives as tiny eggs until the day they reach far into adulthood. Learn how they descend more than a mile into the depths of the sea and then ascend upward, squiggling and wiggling their way free, transforming into six-armed ovals. As their development progresses, they grow shells that cover most of their bodies. Discover the countless number of them they’ll lose and replace over their lifetimes and how they continue developing without eating their first meal for weeks. Finally, uncover the secrets behind survival among the ravenous predators that surround them.

This is a delightful book filled with fascinating facts about these little-known crustaceans of the Southern Ocean. They’re considered the “keystone species” of that region, delineating their significance in the ecosystem.

Youth will be entranced by the originality as well as the layout and design of the book. It’s large in size and features detailed, striking illustrations of krill and the environment in which they thrive. Light-hearted sentiments are threaded through the narrative, adding a humorous element. Readers will feel as if they’re reading an intriguing fictional tale rather than a real account of a species’ lifecycle.

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Author Matt Lilley
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 36 pages
Publisher Tilbury House Publishers
Publish Date 11-Jan-2022
ISBN 9780884488675 Buy this Book
Issue February 2022
Category Children's