Hug Me: A story about love and the meaning of life (Conversations Book 3)

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Hug Me is a short story by Leonid Alt about a young, accomplished psychiatrist, Dr. Zack, who has successfully climbed the ladder of relative prosperity and professional acclaim. Career-wise he’s set, but his soul is empty, his life devoid of meaning. One of his psychiatric in-patients, a young boy named Gee, is an insightful child. Gee one day asks Dr. Zack why he traveled to Tibet to learn how to meditate when all he needs to do is make friends with a neighboring maple tree and share his thoughts and concerns with it. The simplicity and innocence of his suggestion strikes a chord with Dr. Zack and transports him back to his own childhood days.

Although Gee is a troubled youth, his wisdom and companionship help Dr. Zack learn about the healing power of a simple hug as well as how to express gratitude, love, and compassion toward others. Dr. Zack experiences an awakening when he collapses suddenly, dies momentarily, and is then revived. This brush with death, as well as a second one just a few years later, cause a floodgate of memories and emotions to surface. Collectively, all these experiences aid a once lonely man in becoming a content, fulfilled individual.

This is a unique tale laced with symbolism and depth. It’s about the confounding power of, and universal need for, love. It’s the essential ingredient missing from Dr. Zack’s life, which holds his happiness at bay. Only through his connection with Gee and his encounters with Eir, the spirit that guides him through death and back, is he able to find peace. When Dr. Zack rebounds from his first catastrophic event, he’s able to see into the future. This element adds an interesting twist and lays the foundation for another life lesson. When Dr. Zack tries to interfere with fate, thinking it will allow him to save someone’s life, he inadvertently causes the death of someone else.

The overarching themes in this book apply to humanity as a whole. From the need for love and compassion to the discontent that festers due to overworking and neglecting companionship, Hug Me brings to light the inevitable results of each. They’re woven into the plot and disclosed in sometimes unpredictable ways, but their presence is always salient. With each additional read, they become more so, and new pieces of the puzzle fall into place, solidifying the big picture. This story is one in which much will be missed if read too quickly and without analysis. Alt’s gift as a storyteller and his knowledge as a clinician seep through the pages and make it a worthy, intriguing read for those willing to take the time.

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Author Leonid Alt
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 51 pages
Publisher self published
Publish Date 24-Mar-2021
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Issue July 2021
Category Spirituality & Inspiration