If I Could Give You Christmas

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In this special holiday picture book, parent and baby animals are presented in duos. Loving parents share with their little ones what they would give them for Christmas if the choice was theirs to make. From the first savory, falling snowflake for the lively kitten to catch on the tip of its tongue to a chirping symphony of caroling birds for the baby bird to hear from it’s cozy resting spot, each tiny offspring is left with the unmistakable awareness of how great a dream exists for them this time of year. Wishes of happiness and contentment in the various forms they are presented are bestowed upon the young ones throughout the pages. One is in the form of secret surprises stashed away for later finding, while another is simply a close and cuddly story time underneath the twilight shadows of the moon. After several others are shared, the tables turn, and the parent rabbit shares what the most magnificent Christmas gift for a parent such as she would be – the one that not so long ago was born upon the earth – her very own little one.

The textured and shimmering snowflakes that adorn the cover of this precious picture book exemplify the overall quality of it. If I Could Give You Christmas is the perfect size and durability for little ones to enjoy throughout many holidays to come. While most children with second and third grade reading levels will be able to read the text with relative fluency, this holiday treasure is likely to be a favorite bedtime story of children as young as five. It’s ideal, as well, for teachers of early elementary school classrooms to add to their cherished collections of holiday stories. The words spoken by the furry animal creatures in the text, from parents to their beloved offspring, are thoughtful, spirited, and kind. They are testaments to the love that exists between parents and their young ones, animals and humans alike. Illustrator Jennifer L. Meyer does a remarkable job of lacing the pages of this story with unique and strikingly adorable pictures that bring the animals and their holidays wishes to life, adding yet another appealing dimension to this well-written, touching book!

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Author Lynn Plourde
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Disney-Hyperion
Publish Date 2019-09-03
ISBN 9781368002677
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Issue November 2019
Category Children's


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