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Insanity is a rib-tickling account of Jackie and Tonya, two Hollywood newbies who do everything from enduring neurotic celebrities to facing nasty clowns to get noticed. Their third companion, Jordan, is their department’s one-woman security with a no-nonsense attitude and tough personality. Together, this questionable trio manages situations and brushes all the dirt under the mat. The entertainment world can be crazy, and this book portrays that fact in a hilarious manner through its characters and the situations they face.

It is a small book with a simple presentation and an easy layout. You can expect to giggle most of the time. Tillman is unconventional and experimental in his writing, with a screenplay-like feel as you flip through pages. This book is more about the plot than following formal writing devices and is as good as viewing an amusing sitcom. The characters of Insanity have outrageous ways and are a little over the top, but, surprisingly, this is what makes the book funnier. The situations this trinity faces are comical and will not once leave you unentertained. Exotic animals, exploding vehicles, and a security guard who carries tranquilizer darts – there is never a dull moment in the book!

Beyond all the frenzy, there is a slightly serious undertone to the story that reveals the darker side of showbiz. Going beyond all the glitz and glamour, the book reflects how Hollywood aspirants are treated and shows the unavoidable harshness they put up with on their journey to much-hoped for fame and success. But in the end, the bond these women develop despite all the struggles and cut-throat competition will leave you warm and hopeful.

Insanity is a good read for adults, especially those who enjoy funny stories and don’t need to get a moral out of it. With a lot to chuckle and chortle at, pick this one for a quick, entertaining weekend read.

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Author Bob Tillman
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 140 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 2015-12-13
ISBN 0000121220161 Buy this Book
Issue December 2016
Category Humor-Fiction


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