Iron Man vs. Captain America and Philosophy

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In the film Captain America: Civil War (2016) the government seeks to impose what it thinks is a necessary government registration for superheroes who bust up the town regularly on screen defending the good. The Marvel Universe government created Sokovia Accords, which also would require superheroes to reveal their secret identities. Not even all the super heroes are willing to do this, not to mention the bad guys who have required tremendous battles that have injured and killed innocent civilians. Surprisingly for some, American super soldier Captain America decides against the Accord, which brings him into conflict with Iron Man, who sees the practicality and necessity of it. Quite a battle ensues between them on the big screen, but also contested are deeply ingrained ideologies and beliefs.

Iron Man vs. Captain America and Philosophy, Give me Liberty or Keep Me Safe, from editors Nicolas Michaud and Jessica Watkins and the assembled philosophers, explores the inherent philosophical battles in this contest. Number 115 in this series, which will contain at least one probably for any sort, is a great way to bring relevance to their pop-culture following. Fascinating issues are explored here, like patriotism, scientific progress, friendship, loyalty, heroism…. Iron Man is a practical capitalist and more of a successful man of modern times. Captain America is more of a leader and idealist and actually of an earlier time, but he doesn’t seem to have to produce an income. Some of the philosophers take sides, like some of the superheroes have to; others bemoan what could be an unnecessary conflict. Comic-book movies have been super successful, and here is a way to understand what some of the unconscious and inexpressible excitement is about. This book and the series is certainly worthwhile for the fan or those who want to understand the larger phenomena. Though some might find these fetishistic, one need not read everything in this or these if they find it a slog. However, the heroes in this one have been cultural icons and help us better understand ourselves, America, heroes, kids, and our philosophies.

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Author Nicolas Michaud, Editor • Jessica Watkins, Editor
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher Open Court
Publish Date 2018-Aug-14
ISBN 9780812699760 Buy this Book
Issue November 2018
Category Philosophy


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