Journeys: An Exploration of Being

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Journeys: An Exploration of Being is a collection of breathtaking poetry that focuses on the intimate journeys of life and offers a look at the consciousness. Several of the poems feature a spiritual connection and a relationship with nature. A lyrical style and rhyme scheme makes the poems compliment each other. A soft metaphoric quality provides a lovely language and an elegant arrangement of words. There’s a reflective, almost melancholy, emotion running through each piece with several maintaining a homey and quaint feeling. Victoria A. Carella truly finds the beauty in the world with stunning imagery that paints a vivid mental picture.

Several of the poems focus on nature and the beauty that can be found in it, which Carella often uses to explore a spiritual connection. Carella describes nature as “harsh but divine,” and uses details of the world around her to delve into her life. The details used to describe nature are serene and peaceful, often representing different aspects in life. The poem “Fundamental” shows a clear image of this life as it details a perfect country life, waking up for breakfast and feeding the animals. It shows more than peace, but a certain safety that can be found in life. It’s an idealistic country livelihood that sounds like paradise. The peace found in the poem makes it an easy favorite in the collection. While “Butterfly” shows the changes in nature, it also represents the changes found in life, much like a caterpillar as it goes through a metamorphosis to become a butterfly. The changes Carella often explores throughout the collection is the nature of growing up, the choices one has to make, and what seems to be the most valuable aspect is a sense of freedom.

Freedom is the most prominent theme, standing out the most in “Epitaph.” The poem starts with childhood, which is eventually lost through the freedom that growing up offers. But this freedom isn’t the paradise it’s expected to be; instead, it comes with confusing changes, loneliness, and a spiral into darkness. Isolation and loneliness coincides with freedom, as almost a price of it, and is clearly evident throughout the collection. “Telltale” embodies these themes completely by centering on a solitary house, quiet and brooding, but also inviting. It’s a place of loneliness and memory, but also filled with warmth and a soft feeling of hope. These poems reach out into a deeper understanding of emotions and living.

The collection embraces every aspect of change, the good and the bad, but advises to not let the changes take full control of life. “Transgression” hits upon this idea through a metaphor that uses acting in a play for how life pans out, but also cautions to “control your characters” instead of letting everything control you. Everything wraps up with a satisfying conclusion in “Ruminations,” which dissects the notion to become who someone truly is. The poem provides powerful advice, such as “stay centered in Heart,” “see the beauty all around you,” and to connect to everything that is around you. The passion within this poem is prominent, reflecting back to the previous pieces, but is also clearly Carella’s personal vision brought to life. Journeys explores a personal journey that everyone can relate to, stunning and lyrical, a beautiful collection of poetry.

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Author Victoria A Carella
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 162 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 2017-Jan-25
ISBN 9781542303354 Buy this Book
Issue January 2018
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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