Killing Time

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Natalie Temple, a graduating high school student and avid reader of true crime, lives in the small Connecticut town of Ferry. Nothing happens in Ferry until Natalie’s favorite teacher and fellow true crime addict, Lynn Halsey, is found dead. Natalie is especially upset because her last words with Lynn were spoken in anger during an ugly exchange precipitated by Natalie’s over-protective mother.

Aided by her friend and two possible boyfriends (one dark and street-smart, the other dull but nice), Natalie investigates her teacher’s death. Posing as a reporter, her career aspiration, she surreptitiously interviews the main suspects. Meanwhile, a parallel story tells of her mother’s own investigation during her student days––a missing person case and surely the origin of her need to bubble wrap her daughter.

Despite a sprinkling of four-letter words, Killing Time appears to be aimed at a young adult audience rather than seasoned mystery fans. It is well written and has some clever twists at the end, but it is a long, slow read to get there, with Natalie’s fears and feelings clogging the development of the plot. In sum, an entertaining read, but not a riveting one.

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Author Brenna Ehrlich
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 336 pages
Publisher Inkyard Press
Publish Date 08-Mar-2022
ISBN 9781335418678 Buy this Book
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller