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This poetry book is absolutely beautiful. The way the author describes each season and things that happen outside and in his life in each one is so stunning. The poems may be short but they pack an emotional punch of feeling like you are in the room observing each one. Below I’m going to name a few of my favorites and describe why I liked each one.

“Winter Afternoon” is just the best description of an afternoon at home. I love the picture of his wife reading and them watching the rain together. Winter afternoons reading are my favorite.

“Night Window” uses the word picture of the moon’s light shining on a vase, iris, and a box. I can just see the moon dancing across each item through the window. In the end, the poem invites each item closer to the window “ leave poems under the moon.” I picture this in a series of scenes just seeing the moonlight spilling over in various directions from the window.

“Facets” is a beautiful description of a quiet moment with the author’s wife when they are drinking mochas and discussing dinner plans. He’s inspired by the way her ring gleamed in the light as she’s looking through recipes. I adore this depiction of something so normal told in such a beautifully powerful way.

“Between Stone and Cloud” takes place in summer. It shows how comforting it is to have someone you are close to shadow you. The descriptors make you feel the author’s love and how a home is with his wife. I feel this way with my husband and my kids. It’s just a comfort to know they are there.

“Prism” looks back on the summer as a joyous time that makes us forget about the cold winter. I love the description of “stain glass and roses”. It’s so true that while we are in each season we seem to forget about the others.

“Fall Moment” brings all the best descriptions of fall. Twilight, leaves, and enjoying quiet time with your loved one dreaming. I’ve always loved fall because of the beauty and the fun fall things like apple picking and warm drinks.

“Fall Nimbus” uses the change of fall to not only describe the season but also what happens in our own lives. People in our lives will come and go. There’s also the thought-provoking comment of as a bird’s bones weigh less than its feathers how much more do our lives weigh than the autumn wind. I like the comparison of how much value we do and should put on our lives.

“Japanese Maple” describes its beautiful thin yellow leaves in the fall. These leaves are so fragile and there for only a moment until they are gone. I feel this way about fall, but also times in life, here for one moment and then gone.

I highly recommend this book of poems.

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Author Greg Gregory
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 66 pages
Publisher Avenafatua Press
Publish Date 25-Apr-2022
ISBN 9781732650817 Buy this Book
Issue July 2022
Category Poetry & Short Stories