Last Gamer Standing

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Dayhold is the best game around, with dangerous animals in addition to fearsome opponents, and Reyna hopes to qualify for the Junior Tournament. She is confident in her skills because she already earned a scholarship to attend a Dayhold summer camp. However, she hides her identity, both her gender and her culture, to limit the amount of harassment from other players, as such taunts and barbs happen often to other minority gamers. Maybe once she has beaten the other players and convinced her parents that her possible chosen career field is acceptable, she can show her real identity, staying true to herself and her female game-playing idols.

Reyna is a strong female character in a white male gamer’s world, though she is young and naive. While the world may not have been fully fleshed out, most gamers can fill in the blanks as necessary. The culmination of the game is not the end, as there are loose ends to tie up with her family, future and friends. While maybe not the best iteration of a girl in a gamer’s world, it definitely contributes to the trope, especially given the cultural twist.

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Author Katie Zhao
Star Count /5
Format 9781338741506
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher Scholastic Paperbacks
Publish Date 21-Sep-2021
ISBN 9781338741506 Buy this Book
Issue Trade
Category Tweens