Lazarus: A Novel (Killer Instinct)

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A foul smell in an apartment complex leads to detectives being called to investigate. The scene at a specific apartment proves particularly gruesome, a decomposing body and a refrigerator yielding unspeakable horrors. One of those horrors leads to the not too distant past for Detective Joona.

Joona is attempting to move forward with his life, getting acquainted with a new lady friend, when a colleague informs him of the discovery of his late wife’s skull. The circumstances around the discovery of the body and the assorted bones remind Joona of a case he concluded not long ago. The case involved a prolific serial killer who buried his victims; his capture and trial didn’t end his reign. The killer vowed to wreck Joona’s life, and he ran roughshod over Joona and many others before he was shot and killed. Joona believes this killer may not be resting peacefully.

Lazarus shocks the imagination with the power of a lightning bolt to the brain. The intelligent mystery/thriller brings the reader through a nightmarish hellscape of a killer’s psychotic machinations while the police attempt to thwart each and every plot. Author Lars Kepler knows how to keep an audience riveted from beginning to end and does so with vigor.

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Author Lars Kepler
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 496 pages
Publisher Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
Publish Date 09-Nov-2021
ISBN 9780593310830 Buy this Book
Issue February 2022
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller