Lie to Me: A Fast-Paced Psychological Thriller

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Ethan and Sutton Montclair seem like the perfect couple. They’re both attractive, successful writers living in a beautiful home. From the outside, they appear to have everything. On the inside, their marriage has been broken for a while, especially since the death of their infant son. One day, Ethan wakes up to find a note from Sutton telling him she’s gone and not to look for her. He isn’t sure what to do since he isn’t sure how much she really hated him. Eventually the police get involved and it begins to look like murder, with all the evidence pointing at Ethan. Told from the perspective of both Ethan and Sutton, you as the reader have to decide which of the versions of the story is the truth in Lie to Me.

From the outside, the premise of this story seemed intriguing. On the inside, I didn’t find it to be quite the fast-paced psychological thriller it claimed to be. The plot itself is very similar to Gone Girl, so if you enjoyed that, you might enjoy this. I didn’t find any of the characters particularly endearing, except for maybe the cop assigned to the case. The one thing I did really like about this story is how it is told from both Ethan’s and Sutton’s side. Telling it that way shows how witnesses can be unreliable and that we tend to interpret situations differently. Add a third party to the mix who is telling more of the story, and you begin to realize you can’t trust anyone.

Overall, I found this book to be something to occupy my time but not anything to write home about. I have never read any other J.T. Ellison books, so it’s possible you have to have a certain taste for her writing to enjoy this. She is a bestselling author, so apparently quite a few prefer her writing style. I’m just not one of them.

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Author J.T. Ellison
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 416 pages
Publisher Mira
Publish Date 2017-Sep-05
ISBN 9780778330950 Buy this Book
Issue December 2017
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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