Magdalena’s Shadow

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In Suite #2 of a high-rise in Chicago lives a little girl with a housekeeper. She receives the latest collections from Prada, YSL, and Gucci, but nobody knows who pays for her luxury apartment and housemaid. This is Coco Rodriguez, daughter of famous fashion model Magdalena Rodriguez. Held imprisoned by a cruel housekeeper, Coco receives a surprise at her doorstep–a baby from an anonymous source, and she decides to keep it as she had no other option. The housekeeper is found to be stealing paintings from Coco’s home and is subsequently replaced by Tia. Tia understands Coco’s lack of a maternal figure and decides to sort out Coco and little Bebe, who Coco finds out is her sister, born to her mother in Argentina. Coco becomes friends with her neighbor in #1, Rob Banks, and his daughter Mila and Bebe become play buddies. On Tia’s insistence, Coco joins Gillman Fashion School, as she feels designing clothes is her calling. Rob doesn’t know Bebe is Coco’s sister and not her daughter, and Coco doesn’t correct him as she feels Rob will maintain his distance upon realizing Coco is underage. Coco and Rob take their relationship one step further, and Rob figures out that she’s a virgin. Rob leaves Coco a sobbing mess, and Coco resumes her life at #2 with Bebe and Gillman to keep her occupied. A few weeks later, Coco gets the symptoms of pregnancy and has to inform Tia that she’s pregnant with Rob’s son.

Refusing to meet Rob because he left her heartbroken, Coco has a new resolve in life: to raise her son and sister like a mother. A helicopter crash results in Magdalena’s death, and Coco is left at the mercy of paparazzi and tabloids, who find out about Magdalena’s children. Drawn into the world of fashion in her quest to keep her family afloat, Coco encounters people of all kinds and realizes her family of Bebe, James, and Tia are her only allies. Magdalena’s Shadow by E.E. Orme is the story of a courageous girl who encounters the obstacles in life with determination and emerges not unscathed but all the more wise. This book is highly recommended for readers of all ages, particularly single mothers.

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Author E.E. Orme
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 330 pages
Publisher The Wow House LLC
Publish Date 2017-Feb-24
ISBN 9780998595306 Buy this Book
Issue April 2017
Category Romance


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