No Buddy Like a Book

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What is it that a book does for us? Well, we learn to speak and to think, we learn how to bake and cook, read and write, or play instruments. Yet, a book is really nothing but ink without the reader’s mind and the imagination they bring to it. Hop on the Book Express. It can take you to the greatest place in the world: your own imagination. You can learn anything from books. You can learn the names of the planets and how far away they are. You can even learn how to build a telescope so you can see them more clearly. What is it like to climb a mountain? Books can help you understand. What animals live in Africa? How many birds are there and where do they live? Books can help you learn all these things, and your imagination can take you there.

In sweet, rhyming verse, author Allan Wolf sparks the imagination of youngsters and helps them find their way to the joy of reading and books. The gorgeous, colorful illustrations by Brianne Farley are the real stars of this book, with fun details aplenty to keep youngsters engaged. This is a real winner!

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Author Allan Wolf, illus. by Brianne Farley
Star Count /5
Format Hardcover Picture Book
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Candlewick
Publish Date 2021-Feb-09
ISBN 9781536203073 Buy this Book
Issue February 2021
Category Children's


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