No Second Chances

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To say I was blown away by this incredible true story is an understatement. Christopher Kyle Sherrod tells his story from a Federal Correctional Institution. Christopher, or Kyle, as most of his friends and family call him, started his adult life as a minor delinquent getting into trouble for small things here and there and making enemies on the way. Trying to turn his life around, Kyle enlisted in the Marines. Both his mother and stepfather were in the Air Force and so he knew what the military life entailed. When Kyle comes back, his life turns back into a chain of bad choices as he tries to take the easy way when it comes to making money and “getting ahead”. At this point, he has a small daughter with his girlfriend, Tiffani. Kyle is put in prison after an unsuccessful robbery attempt with two of his friends. Kyle reflects while in prison, how much he has strayed from the path that he should have taken. He had all the tools and training necessary to make his dreams come true and he blew it.

It is obvious from reading this book that Kyle is extremely intelligent. From the specific dialogue to the perfect grammar, I thought to myself over and over again, “What a shame it is that he took his life in this direction.” He even started his own successful business while behind bars. I found that Kyle’s problem was that sometimes he didn’t know when to stop pushing and back off. This made him unlikeable to those around him; especially figures of authority. Kyle was really put through the wringer as he is thrown into solitary over and over again.

Kyle’s story moves on as he gets out of prison and finally makes his way back to having a relationship with his pre-teen daughter, Victoria. He was very lucky that Tiffani encouraged Victoria to have a relationship with her father. But upon his release, Kyle finds himself in more bad situations.

Kyle is currently serving time for a crime he states he did not commit. He even includes pictures of the evidence in his current case and has an e-mail that readers can write to stating whether or not he is guilty or not guilty.

Will someone please get this man a good pro bono attorney? Looking at the evidence, my opinion is that Kyle is not guilty. If there is one thing that we know, not all law enforcement is good. They aren’t all bad either, but I believe there are many who use their power for evil. I feel like this is one of those cases.

I recommend this book to all adult readers as I feel it is an eye-opener into what a person may go through in today’s justice system.

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Author Christopher Kyle Sherrod
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 289 pages
Publisher Self-published
Publish Date 01-Jan-2022
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Issue January 2022
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller