Nodding Off: The Science of Sleep from Cradle to Grave

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For something as integral to daily life as sleep, we don’t seem to know all that much about it. But perhaps that’s because our relationship with sleep is an ever-evolving process that changes with us as we develop and age.

Nodding Off is the most comprehensive exploration of sleep I’ve ever encountered, breaking down the science into different age groups to discuss how our sleep requirements, patterns, tendencies, and troubles evolve as we grow, and just how important it is to development, good health, and more. The book explores both the myths and the commonly-accepted facts, backing up every supposition with proper research and revealing the incredible complexity of the subject matter. Insomnia, sleep paralysis…there’s even a theory about why older people sleep less than younger people.

But it’s a good thing the subject matter itself is fascinating, because man, this book is dry. Loaded to the brim with facts and citations, it’s essentially one very long term paper, and the average reader will probably have to take breaks to ensure their interest never wanes.

Nodding Off is terrific science, but not the most engaging science writing.

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Author Alice Gregory
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Bloomsbury Sigma
Publish Date 2018-Aug-14
ISBN 9781472946188 Buy this Book
Issue January 2019
Category Science & Nature


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