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I have no words adequate to describe the beauty of this work. As the opening poem, “Progeny,” suggests, each of these poems are seeds, burrowing in the mind to unfurl exquisite truths. I have an e-copy of this book, but I want a hard copy to keep close by that I may pick and choose at my ease a poem, or poems, upon which to meditate. Poetry, more than any other form of writing, can serve as the vital Prima Materia, the alchemic catalyst of change, not only for the poet but the reader as well.

These poems are mostly free verse, though there are rhyming ones as well. Threads of agnostic skepticism, cynicism, and disillusionment with modernity run through the collection, encountered time and again. Many struck an immediate resonance with me upon that first reading, for I share a similar disillusionment with, and cynicism toward, today’s society and a skepticism of the organized Book faiths. Here I rely on deeper spiritual wisdom born of solitude and respect for discernment. I have to say, “Future at Knifepoint” seems so very relevant now, in our country’s current state, where ignorance rules over knowledge. Another favorite is “Capitalism Even Pimps Medicines,” a witty truth to a very sad trend. I remember when you would never find prescription medicine commercials. Who thought it a good idea? I also appreciated “Selling the End,” a poem that is double-layered, given today’s political climate with the sheep-like conservatives dragging countries down, partially goaded on by a false sense of religious superiority. An end is coming, oh yes, but ends herald rebirth and new growth.

This is an eloquent commentary on today’s society sure to resonate with the heart and soul of those who place high value on thinking for oneself and who, like the poet, are somewhat disenchanted with the state of affairs in this day and age.

Author J. L. Pugh
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 134 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 2017-Jan-25
ISBN 3202017000100
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Issue March 2017
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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