Orca: Shared Waters, Shared Home

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Orcas are known for their intelligence, beauty, and communication with a strong place in our culture along with the endangerment and extinction they face. The book looks at the history of these stunning creatures by delving into what caused their endangerment decades ago with interviews included that speak with various scientists as well as Northwest Native tribal members.

Stunning photographs are paired with an exploration of the orca world which delves into their plight, their journey, and the extinction they face.Orca allows you to genuinely get to know these stunning creatures and doesn’t hold back on the emotional impact. The various stories woven throughout include the personal losses of familial pods, the loss of their food sources, and the damaging effects destruction and pollution have caused. This takes a look at real stories of mankind and orcas such as Ted Griffin and Namu to explore our connection to these whales and the causes behind the depletion of resources and low birth success. From their ecology to their behavior, Orca is the ideal resource for learning about orcas and gives an honest approach to what has endangered them, including our own involvement in the plight they face.

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Author Lynda Mapes
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 192 pages
Publisher Braided River
Publish Date 01-Jun-2021
ISBN 9781680513264
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Issue September 2021
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy