Plastic Soup: An Atlas of Ocean Pollution

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Plastic pollution is another hazard advancing on this overpopulated world, already threatened by the potential consequences of climate warming. Within ten descriptively explanatory chapters, the author clearly shows how this synthetic product is poisoning this world. Each chapter is vividly illustrated with formidably engrossing photographs that show the harm and damage this plastic poison is delivering to both the environment and to the various species ensnared by its presence. Look around and note that almost everything currently used is made of one form or another of synthetic plastic. Inspect computer equipment, look at food packaging, glance at cleaning supplies, wonder at medical implements, even check your polyester and fleece clothing; all these are plastics that eventually end up as waste in waterways and slip into the oceans. Read how whales and other sea creatures die of starvation while their bellies bulge with plastic detritus mistaken for food. Even the tiniest micro and nanoparticles of plastic are taken up by marine creatures such as shrimp and passed along the food chain. And all this plastic is non-degradable. This atlas depicting the environmental crisis of plastic pollution focused on our oceans should be part of every school curriculum to arouse awareness of this global problem and to rouse this coming generation to explore and generate possible solutions, to resolve the current damage inflicted by technology, and to discover means to avoid further environmental contamination.

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Author Michiel Roscam Abbing
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 136 pages
Publisher Island Press
Publish Date 2019-04-04
ISBN 9781642830088 Buy this Book
Issue May 2019
Category Science & Nature


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