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Proliferation by Erik A. Otto is a visionary, epic adventure that navigates dangerous seas and unforgettable lands. When an advanced city suddenly awakens, societies near and far jump to action in response. Across the lands a message was quickly carried, “Haplopol doors are open and the drawbridge is down. He said there was gold lettering above the main doors that read Haplopol is open to all.” The city is one of only a handful that continues to harbor machines, computers from the Old World that have since fallen into dilapidation. With this type of technology, whole cities could be elevated or flattened in an instance. The few scholars knowledgeable on these advanced cities are immediately consulted and military plans are swiftly implemented. The more that is discovered, the more questions that come to the surface. Why did this city and the others go dormant? What can these machines really do? And of equal importance, where did the city’s citizens go? With limited records and no evidence of the former citizens, modern scholars could explain very little up to this point in time. But with the awakening of the city, answers were finally within reach. Otto’s chapters go back-and-forth between an anthropologist eager to uncover the secrets of the cities, or ICSMs as they are called, and a marauder who finds herself entangled with something far more dangerous than her usual escapades. They each struggle to see the larger game in play, at first. Distracted by past mistakes and personal interests, they must look past these hindrances or be consumed by their impotence. With every breadcrumb, they each come closer to discovering the bigger picture. But with so much to uncover, will either of them get to the bottom of things before it’s too late? Otto has assembled a gripping campaign to seek answers and unearth the world’s future. This is not an adventure for the faint of heart. The violence, romance, and intricate storyline require a seasoned reader who will appreciate this daring exploit. Otto’s attention to detail and well-rounded characters bring these travels and encounters to life. Moreover, the beautifully rendered maps in the text expand on Otto’s descriptions to capture truly the perilous expeditions across land and sea. With these vibrant pieces, a whole world will unfold before the reader. This work celebrates five stars and certainly will not disappoint. Instead, Otto’s Proliferation will embolden your adventurous spirit and have you setting your sights on the horizon.

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Author Erik A. Otto
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 446 pages
Publisher Sagis Press
Publish Date 10-Jun-2021
ISBN 978173213615 Buy this Book
Issue July 2021
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy