QBism: The Future of Quantum Physics

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Quantum physics works, or appears to, most of the time. The problem comes in explaining extrapolations. In QBISM Professor Hans Christian von Baeyer offers a sensible approach to this seemingly esoteric world. The author begins by exploring the beginning of quantum physics, including the people and experiments that define the science and also the experiments that defy explanation, like the classic waveform versus particle and Schrodinger’s cat. These are mostly caused by problems with probability. Qbism is numerical measures of personal degrees of belief. In this world, what is statically more important is what is believed rather than endless speculation on what may be. Qbism is a return to a more sane, scientific world, and the author applies it to several physics questions, such as what is “now,” what really happens as electrons interact with matter, or is Schrodinger’s cat alive or dead? The book is paced well, and having an interest in probability is a definite plus but not necessary. The math is explained in layman’s terms, and the author uses many anecdotes (often humorous) to explain his points. He has an enthusiastic presentation and style that sweeps the reader along into the world of quantum physics and makes sense of it. I recommend the book.

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Author Hans Christian von Baeyer • Lili von Baeyer, Illustrator
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 272 pages
Publisher Harvard University Press
Publish Date 2016-Oct-03
ISBN 9780674504646
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Issue March 2017
Category Science & Nature


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