Radical Revolution: The fight for animal liberation

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Know better, do better. In our modern age of information, this is a good personal motto to have. Unfortunately, far too many people willingly avoid information that proves their current lifestyles—especially when it comes to diet—are bad for them. Stephen Saunders is out to change that with Radical Revolution, a lengthy exploration of health, history, morality, and animal rights. Saunders starts off examining historical reasons why mankind has “dominated” animals, then goes on to disprove many of humanity’s longstanding arguments as to why humans are superior to other creatures. His arguments are a bit long-winded at times, but readers can’t deny he’s done his research thoroughly; there are few, if any, holes to be found in his logic. Next, he delves into the concept of agriculture as a form of slavery. While some may find this parallel to be a stretch, it is true that modern “farming” practices are atrocious, and the animals suffer terribly. Saunders delves into a whole host of reasons why keeping, raising, and eating animals is wrong, each backed up with meticulous logic and research. He attacks all the common rationale for eating meat, including health, biology, and evolution. He presents a strong case for full veganism, even though he rarely even uses the term.

Unfortunately, his book is one that will not appeal to devoted carnivores, Paleo believers, or anyone who’s not already leaning toward reducing their meat consumption or cutting it out entirely; he’s preaching to the choir, as it were. His choice of wording leaves a lot to be desired at times; he uses words like “ridiculous,” “propaganda,” and “illogical,” and he often concludes his arguments by saying things like “right over wrong” or pointing out that animals live just fine without protein, iron, etc., from animal sources. True as these words may be, they don’t add any credibility for skeptical readers, and may serve to further turn away those whose minds are already partially closed to Saunders’s words. Overall, though, it’s a well-researched book that touches on many important facts.

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Author Stephen Saunders
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 508 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 2018-Jan-07
ISBN 0978197780548
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Issue February 2018
Category Science & Nature


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