Raising Kids with Love, Honor, and Respect: Recipes for Success

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Many parents, especially first-time parents, look lovingly at their brand new bundle of joy and either say or wish they came with an owner’s manual, a sentiment that continues until they reach adulthood. In Raising Kids with Love, Honor, and Respect: Recipes for Success, author Edie Jones, M.A.ED, offers something that is akin to a manual for parents looking for guidance. With a background in education, Jones uses stories from her personal experiences as well as from others’, with their permission, to outline the stages of raising a child from infancy all the way to teenage years, explaining scientific reasoning for behaviors as well as offering tips for how to handle and how not to handle certain situations. Jones explains the purpose of her book as an exploration of parenting between her and the reader, inviting people to not just flip the pages but to be engaged in the reading. She also encourages readers to find where they are with their child in regards to this book and go there, emphasizing that this is an interactive book. Each chapter ends with a “recipe” for parents to take from that chapter and refer to again and again.

Raising Kids with Love, Honor, and Respect: Recipes for Success was a delightful and insightful book to read about parenting. There are hundreds of books on shelves around the world telling people how they should raise their child. While some may be tempted to lump this book in with all the rest, I encourage them to take a second look. Jones’s thoughtful layout of the book from infants, toddlers, behaviors, tweens, teens, and more make this book very easy to relate to as well as read. Her encouragement to also find where you are in the book and skip over what you don’t need also shows that this is an interactive book and not a page-by-page read. The recipes at the end of each chapter are helpful and nice to be able to turn back to when referring to a chapter after it is read. Overall, while no parenting book will ever get it one-hundred percent right because every child is different, Raising Kids with Love, Honor, and Respect: Recipes for Success is definitely one to check out.

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Author Edie Jones
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 300 pages
Publisher Inkwater Press
Publish Date 2015-02-10
ISBN 9781629012162
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Issue November 2016
Category Parenting & Families


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