Real Life Construction Management Guide From A-Z

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In Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z Jamil Soucar explains the process of being in Construction Management from a real-life perspective. Many times informational books will be written like a textbook, whereas Soucar gives examples from his experiences working with and alongside various people. This is very helpful in order to learn from others’ mistakes. Soucar stresses the most important do’s and don’ts in the business for the reader to get a glimpse into the world of construction and to learn the proper way to engage in human interaction while on the job. Included in all of the individual professions involved, much like it should be for everyone in real-life, is the need for equal opportunities and a mutual respect for the common goal they all share in the construction business. Without these, everyone’s experience and the entire process will be flawed from the start.

Charts and graphs are provided to enhance the learning and comprehension of the text. In the business of construction management, there is an abundance of paperwork that must be completed in a timely manner in order to be successful. Soucar helps explain the paperwork needed for each situation. This paperwork can seem overwhelming if you’re new or if you choose to put off the necessary daily work involved to keep records straight not only for the project at hand but also for the chance of a court hearing in which the paperwork will serve as evidence. Within the job description of each group of people involved in the process of building (architect, owner, construction manager, contractor, etc), there lies great responsibility as well as a great need for positive human interaction between everyone involved to end up with the best outcome. Pettiness and the need to feel or look better than others will not get you far, in construction or even elsewhere; being able to be straight with someone in private is much more noble, time-saving, and respectful than waiting for a public opportunity to put someone down.

In addition to the necessary text, there are also many typos that should be addressed in order to make the reading experience that much more enjoyable and easier to comprehend. Not having any personal experience with construction management and minimal knowledge, I came out of reading this book with a more in-depth understanding of what goes on and the requirements in the world of construction. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially those who enjoy the process of increasing their knowledge in areas outside of their expertise or comfort.

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Author Jamil Soucar
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 190 pages
Publisher Dorrance Publishing Co
Publish Date 2017-Oct-01
ISBN 0978148094139 Buy this Book
Issue January 2019
Category Home & Garden


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