Remember Me: A Novel

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When a note shows up telling Blue to board the blue bus at a specific time, she does it. She feels as if something is missing and hopes that whomever she meets or whatever she sees might answer her questions, but when Adam boards, Blue only has more questions. In order to get answers, she confronts Adam, asks her family, and even considers hypnosis. She overhears conversations that are meaningless until she discovers that she has purposely paid to remove her memories. What could she have wanted to forget so badly that she would erase memories of the recent past?

This tale is not so much a trip into a mystery as a fall into grief and loss. Set in the not-so-distant future, Blue’s plight is contradictory: why did she have a message that would reverse what she did to forget? Some readers will embrace Blue’s reasons for wiping out her past, but others may want to avoid this due to mentions of suicide and death. It may be a challenge to finish as the big mystery is answered in the first half. Readers who prefer more mystery behind memory loss should look for Remember Me Gone by Stacy Stokes.

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Author Estelle Laure
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 272 pages
Publisher Wednesday Books
Publish Date 22-Mar-2022
ISBN 9781250261939 Buy this Book
Issue June 2022
Category Popular Fiction