Rizon 325: OLD BARON – The Chronicles of the Red Rage – Episode 1

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After listening to the story, the first question that comes up is about the decision to release it as separate chapters because that’s how this felt like, instead of as one complete book. It’s not like at the end you don’t want to know what happens next, but I have my doubts if this can approach can achieve the wanted outcome for the reader.

In this case, the book’s author Georg Buckmann and the narrator is the same person who does good enough job with the addition of moderate use of sound effects so that the audio experience itself would become the reason to continue this series.

Unfortunately, the book’s unclear cover wouldn’t help it to stand out among thousands of others. Even after a while, the only thing I’m sure about for full hundred percent is that the book belongs into science fiction genre and perhaps also that it’s title is Rizon 325, but not who is its author or the reason for the things that are on its cover to be there.

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Author Georg Bruckmann • Robert Graczyk Junior, Editor
Star Count 3/5
Format Audio
Page Count n/a pages
Publish Date 21-Apr-2019
ISBN 9780726201999
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Issue July 2019
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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