Robot Artists and Black Swans: The Italian Fantascienza Stories

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Robot Artists and Black Swans is the latest publication by international best-selling author, Bruce Sterling. Originally published in Italy by his alter ego Bruce Argento, Sterling brings his Italian-themed science fiction to his American fans.

Known as the “Godfather of Cyberpunk” Sterling delivers seven thrilling “fantascienza” short stories. In ”Killing Moon”, the Italians‘ contribution to moon landings comes in the form of a billionaire and his celebrity girlfriend. But unlike the current billionaire space race, the Italian vessel is “the prettiest manned lunar rocket ever built.” In “Esoteric City”, a venture capitalist and necromancer must face Satan at a garden party. The “Black Swan” is a computer hacker who creates alternate universes for himself. And in “Elephant on Table” the shadow house of an elderly statesman keeps him safe from surveying AI, his thousands of enemies, and his four ex-wives, until it doesn’t.

Cyberpunk fans will enjoy Sterling’s seriously flawed characters combined with the world of high tech. Combined with original artwork by John Coultthart, Robot Artists and Black Swans is an enjoyable book for anyone’s inner nerd.

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Author Bruce Sterling
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher Tachyon Publications LLC
Publish Date 30-Mar-2021
ISBN 9781616963293 Buy this Book
Issue July 2021
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy